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Product Photoshoot | Populated Web content for launch | Retouching Social Media Launch Strategy & Management | Email Design 
Established Brand Tone of Voice | Copywriting


Vibrant trailblazer, UOMA Beauty, needed to make a big launch splash with limited creative assets. With UOMA positioned as a unique beauty brand that speaks directly to Black millennials, we knew growth was essential. The UOMA account had 1,126 followers when TOST signed on. 


Keeping in mind the African-American beauty market is historically overlooked by cosmetic brands, we wanted the UOMA Beauty launch to be a revolutionary moment filled with pride & celebration.  Inclusive & cheeky messaging resonated with their customer base, sparking conversations across social media platforms. We spoke directly to the demographic with a fun, bold, dynamic brand voice and content that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the founder's roots in Nigeria. 

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